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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Trust is hard. And everyone handles how they trust others differently. Some of you may feel that trust has to be earned and acquired over time. While some of you trust people right away. Trust is really important. 

Trust breeds loyalty and loyalty is an important character trait that we should all wear proudly.  You never want to give anyone any reason not to trust you. Once someone loses faith in you, you can never get it back.

But the unfortunate truth is, not everyone can be trusted. Some people are out for themselves. Some people have been backed into a corner for whatever reason and they are reacting.  Some people are only thinking of themselves and their own agenda. Some people are jealous of you and they want what you have. Some people just don't care. 

Never feed into the negativity and trust your intuition. If you feel like someone is trying to betray you chances are they really are. Our intuition is our built in fire alarm and we must heed the warning signs. People for the most part are obvious. Let them do their thing but be cautious and watch closely. 

If you keep your integrity and your loyalty deeply rooted in your DNA then you will be untouchable. You keep doing what you do and giving it a 110% and no one will be able to meddle with you. Trust in the process. Usually when people try to disrespect you it almost always backfires. People are a lot more transparent than they know they are.

If you are a trustworthy and honorable person then you will find yourself surrounded by trustworthy and honorable people and there is never any room for a traitor amongst greatness.  

Remember birds of a feather flock together. So choose wisely. 

Which bird are you? 


Monday, August 22, 2011

Take It All In

When you find yourself thinking about something you don't have, stop yourself.

Take a moment to take in your environment.  If you are outside at night, look up. See the stars, listen for the crickets, look for the moon. If it's day time look for the birds, listen for the laughter, stop and smell the flowers.  If you are inside, take stock of your accomplishments, your colleagues, the roof over your head.

Always steer your thoughts to focus on what you do have, what you can see, what you can choose. Your thoughts are based on your choices and your choices are based on your courage. The minute you find yourself thinking of something you don't have, focus on something tangible around you. See the beauty, the intrigue, the possibility.

If you focus on what you don't have you will find yourself in a constant state of wanting and what you will end up creating is more wanting. If you focus on what you do have you will find yourself happy and living in the moment. There is so much to be thankful for, so much to be happy about when you are looking for it. You just have to know where to look. 

How about looking within you, around you and above you?

Make the choice to be happy with what you do have. Besides if you're not happy with what you have, what makes you think you'll be happy with more?


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Day

When you get dressed today picture yourself putting on your happy.  Wear it as a hat or a dress, slacks or a tie. (If you forgot to put on your happy today, it's never too late. Just picture yourself adding it now)

Then get out and share your HAPPY with the world.

Wear it proud!  Keep your smile and let it bring out the wonderful, glistening, sparkling, shining color of your eyes.

Because guess what. When you're happy you'll make other people happy.

Go on! Get out there and be contagious! Spread the HAPPY!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


If you could choose anything in the world that you could be doing, what would it be?  Are you doing it?  Why not?  What’s holding you back?  Have you forgotten who you wanted to be?  Have you lost sight of what’s important to you?  Are you afraid to take the leap because somewhere along the line people said your dreams were unrealistic? 

Why is it that one persons dreams become a reality while other dreamers spend their whole lives doing just that... dreaming? Is there a fundamental principle that should be followed but not everyone got the memo?

The odds have always been against me.  While telling my mother that I had to follow my dreams, she asked me, “What makes you think you are going to be one of the handful?” Startled into silence I just stared at her. But I was thinking. I was thinking that I wasn’t sure I knew the answer to her question.  And then two things hit me simultaneously.  One. I just knew that the “hand” holding the “handful” had to be large enough to hold everyone.  And two.  She would never understand.  So I turned on my heels and walked out the door.

It all boils down to some simple logic.  No one can understand us beyond their own beliefs.  Just like you can never really love someone more than you love yourself and no one can really respect you more than you respect yourself. It’s an interesting theory really.  And one that leads me to a BIG question.  How can anyone ever get to know us if we don’t know who we are?

Are we brave enough to dig deeper?  Are we courageous enough to push our own envelopes and to think outside the box we placed ourselves in?

I have always been a huge advocate of cognitive action.  I am constantly testing theories, trying experiments and reinventing myself for the sake of adaptation. My circumstances called for it.  I answered.

And I know now that sometimes we encounter cognitive dissonance because we simply get in our own way or we over think things or over analyze.  It’s during these times when we forget who we are. We forget our innate ability to rise above circumstance. We forget to keep dreaming. We can’t be afraid of the inevitable change on the journey to our true self.  It’s through change that we get to know our strengths, our weaknesses, and ourselves.

Change is energy. We are energy.  This planet is full of energy.  The ebb and flow of life is the give and take of this energy. And it’s through our energy and the experiences that our energies attract that our answers will be revealed.  What and who are you attracting?  What part is your energy playing in the harmonious nature of your own survival? 

If we look at our lives we will know who we are. We will know who we are by the people at our sides.  We will know who we are when we are ready to take a long hard look in the mirror. We will know who we are when we take stock in the things we do. If we believe in our dreams and follow them with all our heart we will become who we were meant to be.

Are you fulfilling your dreams?


Monday, August 15, 2011

What Timing

Timing really is everything and there's nothing we can do about it.  It's said that Father time waits for no one and we should get out there and go after what we want. And it's true, I test it all the time. If we leap into action the world will respond. If we get into our place of intention what we seek will present itself.  But how do we perfect the art of specificity? How do we get on other peoples time?

Maybe we just aren't meant to.  We can't please everyone.  We can't make time for everyone.  Some people were meant to just stop by. In these exchanges we learn something, we laugh a little and hopefully we grow in some way. 

When something is meant to be the timing is perfect and you find yourself experiencing cool coincidences. Little reminder gifts unfold where you least expect them and you are left smiling.  You might walk down the street and see something that reminds you or hear a song or experience a scent.  

Sometimes time is taken away from you so it's important for you to make the most of the time you have. 

Timing is about experiencing everything that happens to you. Welcome the spontaneity, appreciate the synchronicity, and recognize the serendipity with gratitude.  Enjoy what you have because you never know when it will be gone.  When something is gone let it go.  Time will bring you something else. 

Take time to smell the flowers. Time will heal all wounds. Take things one day at a time. Make the most of the time you have. Don't ever waste time. It's all about timing.

What time do you have?


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friendly Reminders

Photo from Le ballon rouge by, Albert Lamorisse (1956)

You set the precedence for how people treat you. If you respect yourself then people will respect you. Don't play games with your own feelings. No one can let you down unless you allow them to hold you up.

You must figure out what your passions are and follow those passions with all your heart. Don't hold on to false promises and empty hopes. Live in your moment and people will join you. Live in your moment and love will find you.

If you care about someone, care about them. Treat them with love and respect and honor. Let them know that they make you want to be a better person. Show them how you feel because you risk not being able to tomorrow.

Live each day as if it were your last. Greet each day with love in your heart. Say I love you silently to all that you meet. Wear your best smile. Fake it till you make it. Live and let live.

Don't be afraid to love or show love or receive love. If it's not reciprocated move on. But walk away wishing they find love. Don't try to change yourself or convince the other person otherwise. There is someone for everyone and if you don't walk away now the love of your life is going to miss out on meeting you. And that person is out there looking for you at this very moment.

Figure out what makes you happy. Find a hobby. Join a workshop. Take up painting or writing or ice hockey. Keep busy. Get rooted. Know your boundaries. Make your list. Give back. Take a chance. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable.

Hope, adorable, effervescent, brilliant, dreamy, enticing, dazzling, alive, energetic, confident, beautiful, passionate, sexy, humble, healthy, friendly, happy, powerful, miraculous, plentiful, profound, irresistible, luscious, magnificent, smashing, warm, unique, successful, terrific, worthy, loving.

You are all these things and more. Remember?


Saturday, August 13, 2011


How young you feel really is up to you.  So be you.  Be ageless.

Wear what you want
Do what makes you happy
Be unique
Don't have regrets
Be healthy
Keep an attitude of gratitude
Be sexy
Always look your best
Know that you are like no other
Say what you will
Be true to your feelings
Be flirtatious 

And always always remember what Bob Dylan said...

"I was older then, I'm much younger then that now".

Age really is just a state of mind, don't you think?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are You?

Being the W Chaser finds me once again trying something new.  It has me pushing my own envelope and venturing out of my comfort level.  I've been getting some new insight. It's time to prioritize what my needs are and know that settling is not an option.  Hopefully you're not settling either.  Prerequisites are important, actions speak louder than words and you must not turn your back on the red flags. 

Know that even if you think someone or something is what you want they may not be what you need.  Be really clear and honest with yourself that you know the difference between the idea of someone or something and the reality of that someone or something.

It's time to test the theories and attempt new experiments.  It is within your innate nature after all to draw your own conclusions.  What better time to try new things then when what you have been doing isn't fulfilling anymore? You must find your faith. Faith will help you hold onto to the ideology that you are deserving. You must remember.

You were made for greatness. You were made for love. You were made to be happy. You were made to live up to your true potential and you were made to have self-respect. You were made to accomplish. You were made to falter. You were made to have flaws so embrace your flaws and make them your own. You were made to trip once in a while. You were made to have courage. You were made to shine. You were made to have integrity. You were made to have abundance. You were made to have faith in your own abilities and to make your own choices. You were made to be a creature unlike any other.

If there isn't any intrigue then your attention won't be kept.  If you can't be spontaneous then the future will be bleak. If there is no element of surprise then there is nothing but mediocrity.  If there is lack of communication then there can be no foundation. 

It's okay if things don't work out and you can't be hard on yourself when they don't. Life is about experiences and trying new things and meeting new people.  You can't let go of your dreams, but you do have to let go of things that are not uplifting you. 

It's up to you to change. It's up to you to set your standards. It's up to you to make choices. It's up to you to know when you have lost your way. It's up to you to find your way back. It's up to you to love you unconditionally. It's up to you to take the leap and know that if you do leap, the net will appear.  When you are in your place of loving yourself with undeniable faith, that is when it is time to ask.  And make no mistake, the world will give you what you ask of it. So be careful what you ask for.

Have you been doing any asking lately?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who Wins the Battle

It can be like a constant game of tug of war sometimes; the battle that you can have with yourself. It's different for everyone and sometimes we win and sometimes we don't. But I guess in the end, it's not about winning or losing, it's about finding the balance within you.

How do you quiet the disparaging voices? Where do you look to find your peace? Can you really debrain-wash yourself and stop the crusade?

Being on the proverbial rollar-coaster can threaten to get the best of you. Just when you think you have conquered a pattern it rears it's ugly head and takes you spinning around another bend.  It doesn't matter how aware you are of this particular annoyance, it has a mind of it's own while you are left wandering how you could have submersed yourself in the madness again.

I guess in order to come out of the battle unscathed it's worth a try. Maybe you should try to relinquish the control, stop being so hard on yourself and know that it's all part of the process. Every lesson learned chisels away at the pattern. For every moment of self forgiveness brings you closer to freedom. For every bit of awareness brings out more self discovery.

Conquering your patterns is a process and the process is broken down into the many lessons you are supposed to learn from each one. Perhaps once you get through all the lessons attached to any given pattern is when you will stop fighting.

Just be honest with yourself. Go easy. Be lenient. Be okay with not being perfect. Embrace the stumbles. Brush yourself off when you fall and know that while some things don't work out it opens you up to new and better things. Don't sit around second guessing what others are doing, or planning, or what you wish they would do or plan. Know that your life is about you and the way to live in your life is to find your balance. Let go of your expectations. Let go of the outcome. Know that everything happens for a reason and that all your deliberate maneuvering will inevitably lead to happiness if you trust in it.

Don't go to war. Be peaceful. There is no joy in battling.  And when you battle yourself there can be no winner.

You ready to throw your flag?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Do You Know Who Your Are?

Do you know that who you are can be told by what you say about other people?  That never having anything nice to say about people reflects on you?  That talking bad behind peoples back is a reflection of your self-worth?

Life found me, once upon a time, guilty of this ugly behavior.  In my defense, my very low self-esteem blinded me in a cloak of jealousy and admiration.  In retrospect the realization that I never had anything nice to say about anyone breaks my heart.  Now that I find myself living above the low vibrational level it is even more evident to me when other people engage in this sort of unfortunate behavior. But realization is half the battle and years of growth and determination to fall in love with myself has lifted the veil of negativity.

The best assets you can acquire can only come from self-love. It's called the gifts of affirmation, complimenting and praise. Love each other and be playful.  Because here's a little secret. When you speak ill of others no one listening is impressed. You are not making yourself look smarter, or better, or impressive in anyway. What you are doing essentially is actually making a fool of yourself but no one will (well except the rare exception) actually call you out and tell you to give it a rest.

You want to have integrity, respect, and love not just for yourself but for everyone around you.  And the way to do that is rise above the vibrational level of negativity, name calling and verbally offensive slander.  Are any of us really that perfect that we can put ourselves on a proverbial pedestal tall enough to bash someone else?  How many times do you need to be told that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

You don't want to be known as that person do you?  Think of something nice to say about everyone. The more you practice complimenting the easier it gets and chances are you will eventually realize people are just people just like you.

What have you been saying lately?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Little Laugh Goes A Long Way

Do you know how many times in a day it is said that the average adult laughs?  Fifteen. Do you know how many times in a day it is said that the average child laughs? Three hundred!

Have you ever been in the presence of a laughing child? It is impossible to keep from laughing. A child's laugh is as contagious as a sneeze and it can leave your face tingling, your breath heavy and you doubled over grabbing your sides in hysterics.

Laughter really is an important innate feature that can be used to relieve stress, lighten a mood and change a gloomy disposition. Think of it as a gift. When life is getting the best of you, laughter can soften the blow and when we laugh we are opening ourselves up to new possibilities of freedom and bliss. 

When driving to work the other morning I found myself missing a friend who is away traveling. The sadness caught me by surprise and found me starting to slump in my drivers seat. But as soon as I realized what was happening, I immediately forced myself to think of a good memory and I automatically smiled. Once I realized I was smiling it made me giggle and that in turn sent a full fledged laugh from my heart. I've said it before and I insist on saying it again, "laughter is a smile that bursts!" And once I started laughing I was able to keep laughing and I instantly felt better. And at that very moment I realized that I had pulled up to a red light and a guy in a car next to me was looking at me like I was crazy. But he was laughing. Which actually made me laugh a little harder and in the interim I silently grasped the power that a laugh can do for me and those around me.

The laughter made me instantly happy and my laughter made a stranger laugh and gave him a story for how his day started with a laugh. When the stress of your day-to-day gets too much for you, take time to play and find the laughter. Find something that makes you happy, reminds you of your childhood, or just plain ole makes you joyful. We can lift ourselves out of most circumstances with the powerful nature of an unconditional laugh.

You might want to find a quiet place to experience your laughter, but I suggest that you laugh in front of others! Try it. Just start laughing on purpose and see how many people you can get to laugh with you. Eventually you will all be laughing and you won't even know what your laughing about.

When was the last time you had a gut grabbing, tear spilling, ribs hurting, burst out laughing kind of laugh? 


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