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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Four Part Series

It's amazing how different we all are.  Our perceptions really do make us truly unique.  The way we view life, the things we say, what we do and the company we keep, says a lot about who we are.  Our approach to any given situation is our tell.  We have our philosophies, our belief systems and our convictions.  The principles we follow are based on views that agree with our ideologies.

Fundamentally we must evolve like a tree of life.  If there is an immanent desire to be better, to learn more, and to prosper then our natural development is inevitable.  We will innately find new and innovative ways to stretch ourselves to new limits.  

Do our impressions change as we grow?  Most certainly.  Does our thinking adjust as we learn new things?  It would have to.  Do we adapt by coming up with innovative ideas for self-motivation?  We do when where we are isn't good enough anymore.

This series we are about to embark upon is born from many conversations with one of my best friends.  She is embarking on the art of revision and adaptation. Like the rest of us, she is learning new things about herself as her circumstances and relationship statuses change.

"Life is about change and it is those that resist that change that shall fall upon their greatest obstacle, themselves".       ~Pepper Carlson

We can all tap into our own resources.  We can adorn ourselves in the jewels of wisdom and transformation.  We can look within to see that if we don't make an attempt at evolution we will stifle our creative resources.  If we don't learn to take care of ourselves we will be off balance.  We don't want to stumble through our lives.

My friend has been a huge source of encouragement for me.  In one of our most recent conversations, she shared with me her excitement about an epiphany she had.  She kept calling it her left brain right brain.  During a recent moment of motivation, she was getting ready to work out when all of a sudden part of her brain thought, "Instead of working out I could watch my new Netflix or catch up on some reading or take a nap."  The voice of that side of her brain was loud and clear and had other ideas that didn't include a gym.  But then the other side of her brain was like, "No!  Go work out.  You're dressed, you'll feel good, now get to it."

It worked.  She was able to redirect that part of her that was trying to keep her down.  And the excitement in her eyes when she was telling this story was like she had placed first in a marathon.  Accomplishment!  She figured out a way that works for her to quiet the disparaging voice of the side of her that has a mind of it's own.  Now when she finds herself in a conflicting predicament she taps into her own power of motivation.

This kind of self conflict got me thinking.  We know we can be our own worst enemies, our own worst dichotomies, and we can seal our own fate.  But what if how we view ourselves and the conflict we put ourselves through is an ego driven fallacy?  What if we can override, or join forces with our selves by implementing a relationship directly with the selves as separate entities?

There are many sides to every story right?  And we are all our own story right?  Well how many sides does our story have exactly?  Can there even be more than one?

This is going to be a journey into hypothesis.  I leave it up to you to decide what belief system works best for you, if any.  Or you can be like me and just embrace the possibilities.  Theories were meant to be mulled over and tested and squeezed and stretched beyond the imagination.  I am not sure where this is going to take us.  But I must admit I am excited to find out what I have to say about it all.  I don't know how long each part will be or how long this will take me but hopefully it will all make sense and the rhetoric is persuasive in that it challenges you to delve even deeper into your journey.

Self forgiveness, encouragement, conflict, tests, strength, will, creativity, intellect, emotional, serious, consistent, supportive, rhetorical.   

Part I  -  What Side Are You On Anyway?

Part II -  A Conscious Whisper

Part III - Is That An Angel On Your Shoulder?

Part IV - Hearing the Silence

Stay Tuned... 


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