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Friday, January 29, 2010

Follow Your Heart

It has been said on occasion that we must find out for ourselves what it is we wish to do and then to take the necessary steps to fulfill it.  And yet so many are caught up in a race they can't get out of. They forget about the childhood dreams, they forget about the very things that could easily make them smile.
"follow your heart" "don't give up" "work hard" "keep smiling" "live life to the fullest"
These weren't things that I heard by ear.  There is no recollection that anyone had any confidence that I would find my calling.  Perhaps they thought I wouldn't bother looking. They were right. I wouldn't bother looking.  Because something as beautiful as our dreams takes searching.
"be humble" "open your mind" "free the spirit" "be truthful" "live your life in the moment"
I don't believe these things were said in the true essence of the word.  They were believed in, felt, tasted and kept away from anyone and everyone who would dare to disrespect the love for their own lack of understanding.  A lack of understanding of what it means to truly want something unconditionally.  To be open to the words you read, the phrases you speak, or the passions you hold dear to your heart.  To be ready to accept.  No judging. No second guessing.
"never look back" "move forward" "have respect" "there is no just or only"
I have found my calling and that calling is me.  This me in the moment. This me doing whatever it is I am doing. Embracing the life that has reached out to me.
Be blissful now, for if you are not happy with what you have, what makes you think you will be happy with more? Things come and go.  People come and go.  Time comes and goes. It all passes through us like energy.  Passes by us like last years fashions. Life is ephemeral so live each day as if it were your last. Accept the inevitable Change. Do your best knowing that your best will change. Be the greatest you and share this you with the world.  Have respect for what you believe in. Let it be bigger than you and then hold on and let it take you for the ride of your life.  Let your life be your biggest encore. Like Mr. Magorium says, "Life is an extravaganza, so rise to the occasion".
Call it what you will. A poem, An event, A symphony, An Act... When you live your life as you were meant to be living it, the joy, the laughter, the tears, the shortcomings, the accomplishments, this my friend is no act.

Who are you going to be?

© 2010

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