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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Time for a New Shuffle?

My decision to embark on this blog journey may benefit me in the long run. And I am hoping that it may even benefit you if you are reading this.

I am going to indulge in theories and try experiments.  And I am challenging you to join me.  Some days I'll write something new or somedays I will share something old.

Being accountable and truthful won't be easy.  But knowing we are not alone in our quest shall make it that much more feasible.  I beseech you to do the exercises, take your notes, and take a good look in the proverbial mirror.  I presume that sometimes it will be hard.  Hard to fathom, or sometimes hard to understand. Truths hurt sometimes so there may be some pain. Some tears. Some memories that leave us all breathless. But we can't be afraid and so I won't hold back. My words shall be humble and honest. My questions sincere. And in the same token I hope it helps and I hope it makes us all laugh.

Is it possible to rewrite our own histories? Or are the cards we are dealt really the hand we have to play? Who do I talk to about a misdeal? Or a re-deal? I want the Universe to reshuffle my cards because I am ready to play my next hand.  I am all in.  Are you?

© 2010

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