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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something Old

Since I am still at work and it's almost 10:00pm I must share something old so I have decided in honor of the rain and the hour and my exhaustion to share something fun, and something a little sexy... from a hopeless romantic to the rain falls around you... 

Hopeless Romantic...
Just when you least expect it an angel comes and takes your breath away.  It’s a crescent moon and your legs dangle lazily over the side.  It’s easy and it makes you smile.  It gives you something to think about, something to look forward to and you are left to say “yay” because all other words have failed you.  Your eyes sparkle and your heart sings and all you can do is give yourself over to this persons arms.   A shared intrigue like a childish crush and you are left breathless.  It’s all in the eyes and your lost in theirs.  Happy.  Fearless.  Embracing how moved this person is and it makes it so sexy.   So empowering.  This person is so beautiful, so absolutely gorgeous and wonderful on the inside and out.  The words that leave the lips of your loved one flow freely in your direction.  Together you are so unafraid to feel and so open to the chemistry that is so evident between you.  It is undeniable and carefree.  A love that embraces the carefree wonderment of a child… with shared experiences that give you a bond and a history that gives you comfort.  Two people with like minds and you can’t kiss enough.  The kiss is like the velvet -rope of the underground.  Only this person can have entry to you.  You see the way each other see’s and you dream in the same colors.  Your imagination could be one and it’s invigorating.   The possibilities are captivating.  That face.  Those eyes.  Such an amazing smile.   There is someone for everyone.   You must believe and visualize your dreams and know undeniably that you are also someone’s dream come true.   

The Rain Falls...
Sexy is what sexy does and the rain falls around you.  the occasional glimmer of a thought, of a memory, of a dance, of a kiss, of a laugh, of a moment of eye contact and no one looked away.  a dream sequence you frequent, a propensity for laughing.  luscious proclivities toward passion and a smile finds me.  glittering eyes stimulated by the effervescent intrigues of the unknown.  can you picture it?  green eyes lit by starlight.  sparkling for you.  anything is possible.  demurely I wait.. for you to come for me, to touch me, to place me, to dance with me, all while you kiss me and I let you. sexy is what sexy does and the rain falls around me.

© 2010

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing... I am amazed at the gift that god has given you! You really are very special and I wish you the best with your book!


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