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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Pendulum Swing

Have you ever felt like your life has become a rollercoaster and you couldn’t get off when you knew you should or when you really wanted to?  What about that feeling you get when your proverbial equilibrium is off and you can’t find your footing?  How do we keep our life from oscillating between one extreme and another?  How do we slow our internal clock so we can hear the pendulums chimes?  Can we embody the knowledge that comes from our first instinct, or a simple coincidence or even the ironic situations that arise?

In the short story “The Pit and the Pendulum” by Edgar Allan Poe, the narrator is held prisoner in a dark cell.  In his attempt to discern how big his cell is he uses the hem of his shirt.  While he is counting his steps he trips on the hem of his shirt.  He realizes that if he had not tripped on the hem of his shirt he would have fallen into a deep dark pit of water in the middle of his cell.

These moments are always available to us.  They want to help us.  They want us to find them and embrace them.  But most of the time we are moving way too fast, or not paying attention because we are worried about some thing or the other and in the hole we go.

The moments that keep us standing on our own two feet, when we acknowledge them, are what I have come to embrace as, “evidence that I am cared for”.  Proof that I am on my right path and encouragement to stay steadfast on my journey.  If we slow down and listen to our life we can keep ourselves out of the deep dark hole that threatens to consume us sometimes.
Have you ever woken up late (yes I know we have all been there) and completely freaked out.   Rushing around, knocking things over and hastily ran out your front door only to break a shoe, or your car won’t start?   As you hang up with your boss, letting him know you are going to be really late, you say to yourself, “Shit, it’s going to be one of those days”.   Well guess what? You’re right.  It is going to be one of those days because you have fed into the energy on a much lower vibrational level than you are supposed to be living on.

If when you first wake up, and you see that you are late, you stay put, take a deep breath and accept that you have overslept then you have created an anti-ironic turn of events that will keep your day running smoothly.  You can avoid the “It’s going to be one those days” moments because you have stayed above the low vibrational level by your mere acceptance.   I mean, hypothetically speaking, what if you waking up late actually kept you from being a part of a five-car pile up on the route you would take to work?  Aren’t you glad you overslept?  Interesting way to look at it, right?  Irony can be a powerful thing but it can also be controlled if we don’t give in to its power.

My life has always been a constant rollercoaster and sometimes exasperatingly so.  I fed into the moments. I was quick to react and go against the tides of information that were trying to reach me. I was impatient and I sure as hell wasn’t listening.  My ride has been bumpy and extreme but I try to find answers in everything. 

Believe it or not I actually find answers in the old adages.  I try to remember them so I can remind myself to slow down and heed their advise.  Maybe our ancestors were on to something. Words and actions have a lot of power.  Our own power of intention can change our lives.

For instance, I have always said that I am the luckiest unlucky person on the planet.  Well guess what?  I was just that.  Either something great would happen and then something bad would come and wash it away or something bad would happen and the good would come and overshadow the bad or get me out of a jam or pickle or whatever. 

I finally realized (sometimes I need a house to fall on my head) how powerful my words and actions are to the Universe.  I also think words and intentions are equally as powerful as actions.  So as you can imagine, now I leave out the “unlucky” part in my sentence and only refer to myself as a very lucky person. 

I know when I am on my right path because everything in my life lines up perfectly.  It’s like walking the yellow brick road and never tripping over an obstacle.  But life gets in the way sometimes, or I get in my own way.  I have been riding the pendulum swing and I didn’t even realize it until one of my friends mentioned it to me during one of my wallowing spurts.  Last year I had a long dry spell at work.  It was devastating but humbling and taught me a lot about myself, my industry and my personal rollercoaster. 

Our days are like the stock market, everything that goes up must come down and what is already down has no choice but to go up (Thank God).   My task at hand is to balance out my pendulum so while I will always swing I won’t be swinging between devastation and success but I will move back and forth in balance between levels of success, love & spirit

The Pendulum

Riding the pendulum like a crescent moon
I find the faith in what must be coming soon
I push forward like a swing and don’t hold back
The gravity comes for me and I don’t react
Just ride the wave of this vibrational level
An uplifting monument to the road less traveled
Thankful for times shared and lessons learned
Live with integrity leave no stone unturned
It has simply become my own narration
An exercise of will and a worldly translation
A language that speaks to all of us
Truthful in nature and one we all possess
Open your heart to the innocence of
The beauty in sharing unconditional love

© 2010

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