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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Check in Number 11

It's been a long week.  I don't know whether to pout, cry, laugh, stomp my feet, or throw in the towel.  Of course, it's a given.  I am going to do everything but throw in the towel!

The hours I am keeping are ridiculous but welcome to music videoville.   I have to remember that I love what I do.  But it's hard when my true love is left to sit by the wayside and the neglect is evident.  The delay in writing my four part series breaks my heart.  I have been so excited about it but a girl has to choose to get some sleep sometimes.  The series will come soon.

Today I couldn't return to the office it feels I just left before getting some things off my chest.  I woke today with a heavy need to remind us all of something that could prove to be important.

Everyone has an opinion.  And for the most part we want to share it.  Guidance, advise, counsel, suggestions, even constructive criticism are all someone else's opinion.  We should, (if we trust them) listen.  Hear what they have to say and then sit with the information so we can figure out what we deem appropriate to us in the moment.

I have received praise for my writings even though some people out there might think it's narcissistic.  Some people read everyday and share with me how my words have changed them while others laugh or snub their noses at my messages.

The beauty of life is there is something for everyone.  It is up to us to choose, select and appoint what is right for us.  

Someone that I admire told me recently that she loved my postings because they are personal and from the heart and she relates to what I say thanks to the way I say it.  She said she looked forward to reading what I have to say and that it would replace the Daily Om for her.  If you can imagine, this was the highest praise I could receive because I myself read the Daily Om!

On another note, I recently received an amazing heart felt letter from a publisher.  He actually took the time to evaluate my self-help memoir that I sent him.  He said that I am a good writer and that I have talent.  But he also felt that my book should be written in the third person, I used to many "I's" and that the story had no point.  He said the part II (the self-help part) felt forced.

Of course this email has been on mind and I realized today that I was spending so much time thinking about what was said about my writing that it was keeping me from writing!  So here I am again.  Getting it out.  Working it out on paper with you.  Have you ever had someone give you their opinion on something you were proud of and you let it get the best of you?  Maybe you second guessed yourself enough that you let the opinions of someone else keep you from following through on a dream?

That would have been me before.  I would have put the book in a drawer and walked away.  But I am now cognizant of the fact that everyone has an opinion. Not everyone will relate to me or my stories.  I have also had four people read my self-help memoir from cover to cover in one sitting and want to turn it into a screenplay right away.  Everyone is different and everyone has something else to say.

I like what I am learning.  And I am going to heed the publishers advise and try the exercise in writing some entries never using the word "I" (although that's obviously not today).  I even find myself considering a re-write.  I also find myself figuring out a way to make part I and part II more of a collective whole.

The message here is that I am considering these things.  The book didn't get thrown in a drawer and I didn't let someone's opinion deter me.  I listened with an open mind and while I almost let it get the best of me.  Now I choose to keep believing in myself, keep pursuing and keep doing.

We are powerful beings and we can be influential in so many ways.  While we may have a lot to think about, we can't let our thoughts keep us from action.  Stay positive, keep smiling and most importantly, stay encouraged.  Know where you're heading and let your heart take you there.  Never, ever give up on yourself.

It's time to stop over-thinking.

What are you going to do today?



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  2. Pepper-

    I love your writings and postings. I have even recently quoted you on FB. You have done great work and I am so proud of you and love you!!!!!

    Michael J. Calderin, MA, CAP, CMHP


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