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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shifts & Check In Number 9

Time sure does pass when you are focussing on other things.  Spring is trying to decide if it's really here or not with warm weather one day and cold wind the next.  But the sun is out and brings promise.  How's your check in experiment going?  Are you still pursuing?

This morning on my walk I took it all in.  I checked in with nature, myself and where I am on the path.  I feel the shifts.  Patience is still holding on tight and I am trying not to fight with it.  My thoughts are finally starting to catch up with the advise I give.  Why is it so easy to give everyone else advise but not so easy to heed it?

I have a lot to be thankful for and even though my fears try to get the best of me sometimes, my nature is coming to the rescue.  My endeavor is protected by my patent, my career is still paying the bills and I found my life's calling with the words that seem to pour out of me on a daily basis.

My check in Number 9 has me optimistic.  Everyday I get into my power of intention and I send out another inquiry for help in finding an investor to partner up with me.  Someone is out there who is meant to be my business partner.

Even though I haven't received a positive response to any of my query letters I know that my book will be published and I will get to share it.  In meditation I see people reading my book and sharing it with love ones and friends who will benefit from the messages.  I even saw myself doing a high school and college circuit  where I get to go and share my story with students and introduce them to the power of positive insight.

You would be surprised how many people out there still don't believe in the possibilities.  They stay trapped in their limiting beliefs and think it is the life they were meant to be living.  Astonishing.

We were meant to be great.  It is up to us whether we suffer or survive, if we just get by or if we live abundantly.  Coco Chanel went from an orphanage to a style icon.  Oprah born to a poor teenaged mother went on to become well, Oprah!  

There are many success stories we can seek out to uplift us, remind us, and encourage us that we can be one of the hand full.  We just need to believe.  Happiness comes from within and so do the answers to our lives, if we can figure out what it is we are meant to be doing.

Have we forgotten what our childhood dreams were?  Do we have intellect over-ride?  What happened to wanting to be a Doctor, a Fireman, a Super Hero?  We need to find our irrevocable belief in ourselves that it is never too late, we are always enough, and we were meant for greatness.

Figure out your "what" and let the Universe take care of the "how".

Who were you meant to be?


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