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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Part II of the Series - A Conscious Whisper

There may not be explicit directions or a road map that can show us how to think but we can train ourselves to be our own compass.  We can look from one side to the other for a definitive description of our essential qualities.  We can embrace our creativity or ponder logic.  Sometimes we can do both.  

But what if we were to take our brain and shift it?  What if we delve deeper and farther away from your typical right brain/left brain analogy.  Would the classification then be inside/outside?  Does that mean that the conversation my friend is having with herself is actually her sub-conscious mind whispering to her conscious mind?

Our subconscious is gaining a lot of recognition and notoriety.  It's where we are learning we can find some answers.  For all good will and intents and purposes, our subconscious has our best interest in mind.  It is our true self, hidden from the ego and the day to day grind of life.  Our subconscious knows us and knows who we can be if we could just get out of our own way.

We either think to much or not enough.  We are moving so fast in this
tele-conditioned society of ours that we have forgotten how to listen.  My friend is starting to see and hear the signs of her life telling her it's time to pay attention.

Malcolm Gladwell refers to it as our Blink Moments.  The power of thinking without thinking.  Have you ever had an experience where something happens like you spill your coffee and as it's happening you realize that you had thought for a blink of a second that you shouldn't put your cup there but you did it anyway?

Squire Rushnell references it as the power of coincidence in When God Winks.  Again, using our own inner powers to guide our life and change our circumstances.

In The Power of the Subconscious Mind, Joseph Murphy refers to the law of belief and the abilities to use your subconscious mind to solve problems, create wealth, and bring about inventions.  He even speaks of the relationship between our dreams and our subconscious.  There are lessons to be learned.  If we believe.

It is possible that the strength my friend has found is her subconscious reaching out from the depths to help her make better decisions.  She is embarking on a new part of her journey.  After recently experiencing a break-up with someone she has been with for a long time, she expressed to me a fear of being alone.

It's ironic that she would find this new hidden talent of self-power during such a crisis.  Perhaps her subconscious is showing her that she is not alone.  She has an ally she can always call upon for help, strength and assistance.  She can overcome her conscious fears and insecurities by listening to her true self.  Her subconscious mind is educating her in the power of self-discipline.

We do hold a lot of power.  It's up to us whether we choose to believe in that power or not.

It's time to stop getting in our own way and to resolve the conflict that lay within us.

Can you hear it?


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