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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Part 1 of the Series - What side are you on Anyway?

There are two sides to every story.  And at certain glance, two halves to every whole.  We know it takes two parts to complete a circle and there are two distinct cerebral hemispheres in our brain.

Based on research in the late 60’s American psycho-biologist Roger Sperry, 1981 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, made a ground-breaking discovery.  He proposed that each side of the brain controlled different types of thinking.

You’ve probably heard people ask, “Are you a right brainer or left brainer”?  As the theory goes, our creative abilities ruled by the right side of our brains are emotional, creative, musical, expressive and intuitive.  The left side of our brains are comprised of logic, critical thinking, reasoning, numbers and language.

If we take this theory and combine it with the possibility that we can actually use one side of our brain to talk to the other side then we invoke the power of persuasion.
The equilibrium of our existence is essential to our composure.  We must find a way to coexist within ourselves or we will find ourselves stepping outside the boundaries of our own comfort levels.  

Balance is essential to our existence and we cannot let one side of us take over the other side against our will.  This is conflict at it's finest.  When we are in conflict with ourselves it puts us off kilter.  We need to find a way within ourselves to find strength. 

Do we have to pick sides?  My friend was able to pick a side and make it her stronger side.  But which side was it really?  Which side is the one that tells my friend, “Let’s go to the gym”, when the other side says, “Let’s have a glass of wine”?  It would make sense to me that the logical side would want to be healthy while the creative side would want to kick it and enjoy the scenery. 

How did she know that she could overcome the disparaging voice of that side of her brain that tried to keep her from doing what she wanted?  She has given herself the power to override the chatter.   But what if the conversation isn't what she thinks?  

What if looking from left to right is looking in the wrong direction all together?  

Want to delve deeper? 

Labyrinth Painting - Monica Erosa

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