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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Forward moving February

My astrology zone for the month has informed me that as of the new moon on February 2nd, Neptune, Mars, The Sun and the new moon are having a party in Aqaurius!  Well, I am inviting all of you!  All of those who are ready to play, laugh, and prosper, can join in the glorious fun of achievement, friends and family.  This can be a very social and lucky time for all of us.  I say whether we believe or not, we can still choose to join in the fun.  It can't hurt right? 

How about this for a theory... If it's true that we are all energy and the earth is energy and the planets around us are energy, well, isn't all energy inter-connected?  Doesn't that make us "one" with everything around us?  This could be great news!  This could mean that everything we do and everything we are is part of a collaborative effort.  Something bigger than each of us.  But something that belongs to all of us.  We are all a part of this one big vast ball of energy and the roles we play in life are us communicating our energy with the energy of everyone and everything around us.  

Imagine it this way... Think of it as having invisible help in all of your endeavors!

I don't know about you but the thought that I have the whole world behind me, with me,  helping me, makes me feel stronger, more couragous and loved.  It has also left me breathless, and extremely excited about continuing my quest of giving back when I can.  So much to be thankful for!

I know my sometimes debatable approach hasn't gone unnoticed but you know what?  Great!  I would thank Carl Sagan if he were still with us.  He was an Astronomer who, in his lifetime, received the NASA medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, he was the recipient of the Public Welfare Medal, and a Pulitzer Prize winner (to name just a few of his accomplishments).  In a lecture he said, "We would be arrogant to think we are the only ones".  It was thanks to his words that I became enamored with arcane subjects and have reworded this impactful sentence to get me through some arduous times. 

In college I had the privilege of attending a lecture by Ellie Wiesel. He is a world renowned  writer, a professor, a political activist, a Nobel Laureate, and a Holocaust survivor.  It was the holocaust survivor part that really got me.  I remember thinking, "Okay this is going to be interesting but oh so depressing".  I never laughed so much in my life.  Now every time I think of Mr. Wiesel I smile to myself.  That's some powerful stuff!  I am thankful to him for helping me find the laughter in adversity!

And of course, another of my favorites, Plato.  It was his dialogues about his relationship with Socrates that taught me my love of questioning!  So much so that I wrote this as a teenager when I first started reading Plato...  "A rhetorical question and the socratic method.  How would Plato fend in the 90's and what corrections would his mistakes make?"

If we're all thinking and questioning we could be on to something.  We're sharing.  We're contributing to the possibilities. Change. Growth. Love. Harmony.  Family. Prosperity. Kindred Spirits.  Forward moving.  Peace.

Are you coming to the party?  What can you bring?

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